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The key to doing well in dance is to have straight feet!

Wow can you guys teach me how to do that?!!

wow u guys r sew gud !!1!!!11

blueeyedrascal76 asked:

How can I make my heavy shoe rounds (jig and set) a bit more loud and stand out-ish? I'm not a timid dancer but I just feel like neither of my heavy shoes rounds are strong and powerful and are more dainty and relaxed.


I would concentrate on being sharp. If you’re sharp and deliberate with your movements, they tend look more dynamic, powerful, and confident.

Things to look for:

- Back leg: are you using it? when you pick it up, pick it up quickly and it must go all the way up to your bum every time. If it comes up slowly or not all the way you won’t get the same sharp look. When you place your back foot down, is it making the desired sound when necessary? A lot of people forget about using their back leg for sound if they’re doing something fancy with the front foot.

- Switches, small skips, click throughs, whatever you call them: Straight legs, and really change legs quickly. It’s difficult to explain, but you want to change legs at the very last second without going out of time. It really maximizes and shows off the quick switch and gains you a bit of bounce and power. And of course, never miss a heel click.

- High clicks: Snapping your second leg down. A lot of people push their front leg up well, but they kind of let their second leg just fall back into place without thinking or doing anything with it. Pull it back down with the same ferocity that you pushed it up with.

- Rhythms: keep them clean, make sure you’re trebling with the right part of your shoe. It sounds dumb, but so many people try and use the tip too far up. You want to use the widest part of the tip near where the tip meets the sole. You’ll get a lot more bang for your buck there. Also make sure you’re not scuffing your sole, air trebling, or catching your heel on any of your trebles. 



Irish dance honestly makes me so happy


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Irish dance has made it hard for me to be impressed by anything else. Like, oh, you got an Olympic medal? That’s really cool and all but HAVE YOU SEEN THE WORLD GLOBES?!?!?!

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U7 open champion! And she only started dancing in September 😳😍




girls who can run in heels should be feared



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I love the smell of hairspray because it reminds me of being at a feis and I hate the smell of hairspray because it reminds me of being at a feis

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